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Hwa Yuan

Opening a restaurant in a Vault! New York Sichuan first men recreate the landmark after 50 years! 2017-11-18 One of the four major cuisines in China.It pays attention to the taste color, smell, taste, shape,Having advantages from both north and south.It has always been “seven flavor”(Sweet, sour, hemp, spicy, bitter, fragrant, salty)”Eight tastes,” said.(Dry, sour, spicy, fish-flavored, dry braise, smell, pepper, oil)Story of New York SichuanIn the past two years, Sichuan’s prosperity overseas is obvious to all. Sichuan restaurants opened one after another. Its popularity is undoubted, but the restaurants which can real call “Sichuan cuisine” are not many. Do you know? The story of Sichuan cuisine in New York started in 1963. This year, a master Sichuan master who...

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Aldelo POS For Restaurant In New York

Experience Aldelo Tech Support for over 15 years. Best value on your investment. 99% uptime Guarantee. Professional  menu setup and Input. Easy of Use- the Self explanatory Interface has decreased the learning curve for the staff. 3 years Factory Warranty for all equipment. Easy Integration with 99% of Credit Card processing companies in the US market. Aldelo Restaurant POS Tech Support: 718-551-0865

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